carrot & avocado salad with crispy chickpeas and cashews


I’m a little late to the toasted chickpea party, it seems.

I’ve seen them on tapas menus the last few years and popping up all over the food blog world:  here, here, and here.

Seems a little olive oil bath, a big pinch of flaky salt, and a trip through a hot oven works some magic on even the most humble bean.  Addictive stuff.  So good that even Jen, who only eats her chickpeas in pureed form, was smitten. Continue reading

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creamy basil dressing

Last week, we cooked raw chicken from scratch in Oakland Public schools – over 5000 lbs of it in fact, served at 86 schools.  Oakland hasn’t cooked raw chicken for decades and to my knowledge, has never cooked chicken that was raised in California or never treated with antibiotics.  The best part?  Students loved it.  Staff loved it.  It’s on the menu again May 15th. Continue reading

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Jen has declared herself a beignets addict.  She is seeking fellow addicts to form a support group.  This addiction is so powerful that the self-declared queen of take-out, has saddled up and started making her own.

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dim sum buns with spring vegetables

5 months later – here we are again.  I’m typing this from the air, en route from San Francisco to Austin, which I’m told is the Bay Area of Texas, albeit without the earth quake risk.  It’s a work trip, but there are plans to wait in what could be the world’s longest line for barbeque here – I’m a skeptic, and hoping to be converted. Continue reading

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homemade falafel

I’ve steered clear of homemade falafel my entire adult life, an aversion related to a botched boxed falafel mix, my parents tried when I was a kid.  That’s not to say I haven’t eaten my fair share over the years.  At McGill, there was this strange little basement café in the Architecture building that sold a weirdly delicious falafel pita (cold, even) I use to eat all the time.  Then there’s Rami’s in Brookline, MA, with its bar-setting buttery, crisp, oh so delicious falafel all wrapped up in pillowy hot pita bread and smothered in tahini sauce and pickles.  One of many little places I miss in Boston.  Continue reading