strawberry raspberry frozen yogurt pops

My mom made something like this when I was little, only as I recall, hers included multi-colored mini marshmallows, which completely won me over then (and probably would now also.) Ah yogurt pops, don’t they just make you want to dawn your neon striped bathing suit and jelly sandals and run through the nearest sprinkler? Or better yet, drag out the dish soap and the slip-and-slide. 
These are by no means a revelation in frozen desserts (if you want extreme frozen bliss, see here), but they are sweetly charming (pink and white striped, they look like frozen lolly-pops), incredibly easy to make, and even reasonable healthy. I love the contrast between the tart fruit and the sweet creamy yogurt – they reminded me of the creamsicles I use to buy from the neighborhood ice cream truck. My next round I think I’ll try an orange version. 
I froze the pops in what I call “dixie cups,” though when I asked for them that way at CVS, no one knew what I was talking about, so that might be a Canadian thing. (Staggering cultural differences, really. How do we understand each other?) I eventually found the petite cups for which I was searching labeled “bathroom cups,” an arguably less charming name to say the least. At any rate, you’ll need six 3oz cups and six popsicle sticks. As there are no children in my household, I just haven’t been able to justify buying a popsicle mold, though I am regularly tempted. Adapted from Martha Stewart.

For the Pops
2 cups plain yogurt (2% is fine, but I wouldn’t use skim)
½ cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup raspberries
1/3 cup strawberries

6 3oz cups or popsicle molds
6 popsicle sticks

Combine the yogurt and the sugar and set aside in the freezer while you prepare the fruit. Wash and hull the berries. Place the berries and half of the yogurt-sugar mixture in a blender and process until finely pureed. Pass through a strainer and set aside.
Set out six 3oz cups (or popsicle molds) on a baking tray that will fit in your freezer. Fill the cups half way with the yogurt mixture and then top with the berry mixture. Insert the popsicle sticks and freeze the pops until solid, 2-4 hours. To loosen the cups, briefly run the pops under warm water.

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