Jen has declared herself a beignets addict.  She is seeking fellow addicts to form a support group.  This addiction is so powerful that the self-declared queen of take-out, has saddled up and started making her own.

I am to blame for this sorry situation.  Or well, Food 52 is really.  I stumbled on this recipe a few months back and made them as part of a mardi gras celebration…or was it Valentine’s Day?  This is not your ordinary beignets recipe – they intriguing part is a combination of all-purpose flour and tapioca flour, which lends a light as air quality to these crispy bits of doughnut nirvana.

And yes, don’t judge.  We share:

I won’t bother reprinting the recipe here since it’s laid out so well on Food 52, but I will offer a couple of notes:

1 – We’ve been substituting the 1 tbsp of sweetened condensed milk wit 1 tbsp pure maple syrup, with no adverse effects.  This is only to save from opening an entire can of condensed milk for only one tablespoon, though at the rate we’ve been making these lately, that might not be a problem.

2 – This dough is crazy wet.  Don’t worry.  Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate some more flour as you fold and before you roll to make it more manageable.

3 – We like our beignets with cinnamon sugar instead of powdered.  I know, I know, it’s weird.  But try it.


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